You and your group members will write descriptions of each main character. Feel free to include relevant images and videos. Do not include the character analyses from other sites.

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Description: Physical

external image M_Id_58987_afghan_girl.jpg
Long face, unshapely eyebrows, flat hair, mirthless green eyes, and coarse skin.
Caring, curious, gullible, obedient, ignorant
"Mariam longed to place a ruler on a page and draw important-looking lines"
(p. 17)
"But whenever Jalil talked like this, Miriam would listen with enchantment. She would quiver with pride to have a father who knew such things" (p 5).

external image Achakzai_090413.jpg
lazy eye, unattractive, rotting front tooth
Rude to Mariam (curses at her a lot), bitter, rude, mean, makes Miriam feel guilty for loving her father
"He cast us out like we were nothing to him. He did it happily"
(page 5).
"'Of all the daughters I could have had, why did God give me an ungrateful one like you?'" (page 26).
"Don't leave me, Miriam jo. Please stay. I'll die if you go" (page 26).

external image 2radio.jpg
Wide, crooked smile, white teeth, trimmed mustache, wore suits a lot and rich, business man
"Cared" for Mariam and her mother, story-teller
"He did this from time to time, bring her presents"
(page 22).

external image AfghanistanOldMan.jpg
Mullah Faizullah
Stooping, old, toothless smile, and a white beard.
Loved Mariam and cared for what she had to say or wanted.
"'... I am powerless to refuse you, Mariam Jo', he said, tapping her cheek"
(page 17).

external image Fat%20Man%20Grayat.JPG
Smells of thick cigarette smoke, tall, thick-bellied, broad-shouldered, harsh voice, watery and bloodshot eyes, and yellow-brown colored nails.
Doesn't really care for Mariam, just wants a woman.
"'There now, girl. There. There,' he said. He was squinting out the window as he said this, as though something more interesting had caught his eye" (page 51).

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSIDXkwQA86Vk-splIvbQMZm0Ta11MUqBgj-8RI51PiCfs2WOLabS8oZA
Light hair, rosebud lips, and jade green eyes. (First born baby description).
Loves her father very much, is best friends with Tariq, and is very well educated.
"'He's a friend... It's not like that between us,' Laila said, sounding defensive, and not very convincing" (147).

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT5SaJQfBV8hco4W9thWqkfpsbyBMinwaAwvWK31fnYEW2rak8u
Lean face (had an expression of playful contentiousness), broad shoulders, wears pleated trousers, black shiny loafers, and short-sleev shirts, muscular arms, long floppy locks of hair, and has a corrupt half grin. (Teenage description).
Pashtun, is best friends with Laila, is older than Laila by two years, and cares for Laila and his family.
"Do you have it in you?... To use this thing. To kill with it." "For you... I'd kill with it for you Laila" (158).

"He shaved. His face was leaner, more angular. His shoulders had broadened. Tariq liked to wear pleated trousers, black shiny loafers and short-sleeved shirts that showed off his newly muscular arms..." (150).

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSjJ8opdXZXTwBpCOPYvHS6duaIASqTXJdntvj3PYa79wImhDY_oIRc49eR
Light hair like Laila and has dimples.
Calm, pensive, smart beyond her six years (manner of speech, cadence and rhythm, and thoughtful pauses and intonations).
"It was Aziza who with lighthearted authority had taken it upon herself to wake Zalmai every day, dress him, feed him breakfast, comb his hair.... Around him, Aziza had taken to giving an exasperated, queerly adult headshake" (265).

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRKz9sWgLkdxWSt59D41-fH-Rj25LHS8P2xdhpyTLtB4W3TfVJ99c_tjRyZ
(As a two-year-old) plump little boy, curly hair, small brownish eyes, and a rosy tint to his cheeks and a thick, half-moon-shaped hairline that set low on his brow (like Rasheed).
(When around the women of the house) sweet, good-humored and playful. (When around Rasheed) had a defiant cackle or an impudent grin, easily offended, held grudges, and was mischievous.
"... Zalmai worshiped his father, and, because he did, he was transofrmed when his father was around to dote on him" (263).

Has a salt-and-pepper mustache with rolled up ends, sharp to a tip, and a shock of long gray hair combed back from the brow.
Soft-spoken, mannerly man, has a measured speech and graceful movements.
"It was Sayeed who summoned a fried and a mullah for the nikka... Sayeed who pulled Tariq aside and gave him money.... Sayeed insisted" (334).